Flow Waterjet training class at the Customer Technology Center.


As the most versatile machine tool in the world, waterjet applications and users come in all varieties. Because of this, we offer a wide array of training options that match these needs. Whether it's online, in our facility, or yours, Flow offers customized programs structured to a wide audience that are sure to make you successful. 

Training in Our Factory

Flow's World Class Training Center located near Seattle, WA is the flagship training center in the industry.

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Training on the Mach 3 waterjet at the Customer Technology Center.

Opened in 2015, this dedicated 14,000 square foot training facility offers a variety of comprehensive programs in areas of maintenance, programming, and advanced applications, to meet the training needs of our diverse customer base.

Students who come to our training center are given the opportunity to work on dedicated training equipment while learning to diagnose problems in real-life troubleshooting scenarios. Hands on training with our application experts means you get the focused attention you deserve. When you leave our facility you have a strong understanding of your equipment and how to maintain it.


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Training in Your Factory

Can't make the trip to Seattle?


Working on a waterjet pump.

Flow also offers convenient onsite training in your facility. Our certified trainers will bring their expertise to you in a variety of programs that can be tailored to your needs.  

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Regardless of what training option you choose, safety is our number one priority, and is a focus of each and every training class we have. As a partner to your business, we understand the importance of protecting your most important investment….the people within your company.

Safely installing slats on waterjet tank.